New Build & Construction Ltd have been my go to people for years now, doesn’t matter if I need people to actually do some hard work for me, or just a bit of sound advice, I’ve never hesitated to give them a call, and they’ve always provided quality information and delivered what was asked of them, it’s more than a customer-provider relation now.

It’s really hard to find dependable building companies these days, and thankfully New Build & Construction Ltd is that kind of a company, very pleasant, hard-working bunch of people that you can trust.
Kate McGowan, from London, E15 | Written on 2014-11-22
I've been throwing all my savings into land for a couple of years now, I've generally experienced difficulty with getting a group that could provide everything what I asked for, when I asked for and do a great job at it at the same time. I stumbled by New Build & Construction Ltd one day, and we’ve been working together ever since.

No matter what I need, from building a new structure from scratch, renewing some older investments or just a friendly advice, I’ve never hesitated to give them a call. It’s a relationship. 
Nicolas S., from London, N11 | Written on 2014-11-22
I hired New Build & Construction Ltd to build a house for me, I had the plans ready, a piece of land that stood empty for over a decade, you know, the usual “we’ll start as soon as we got the money” scenario. They elevated my dream house before I could even realize what’s going on, and looks exactly how I imagined it would.

Amazing piece of work, in a short amount of time with unprecedented quality of work. I’d never have thought that finally moving in to my own, awesome place, would be this easy but New Build & Construction Ltd made it just so.
Jack Palmer, from London, NW2 | Written on 2014-11-19
I’ve lived in my apartment for more than a few years now, so I figured it was about time to make some changes. Wallpapers, new pain on the ceilings, floor panels, things like that, I honestly didn’t know what exactly I was after, I just knew I wanted to change things up.

New Build & Construction Ltd showed up the next day after my call, and started the works literally a day after, they even provided storage service for my shit, while they were working, how thoughtful is that? Before I knew it, they were done with the remodeling and I was free to move in again.
C.Harvey, from London, W8 | Written on 2014-11-19
I contracted New Build & Construction Ltd a few months ago, for a job that none else would even consider taking. I didn’t know whether these guys are just desperate, or that confident in their abilities. I soon realized that it’s the latter. Someone came over a few hours after my call, made quick, free estimates, shrugged and made an appointment.

From then everything went fast and easy, the team came, did what I asked for, took their money and left. The most easy-going building company ever. I can recommend them to anyone, with a clear conscience. 
Clarke Foster, from London, E17 | Written on 2014-11-16
New Build & Construction Ltd remodeled my flat when me and my fiancé, finally decided to move in together. The place was a mess, I honestly didn’t know if there’s a company that can put it back together again. I wish I had some before and after photos so I could visually show you that magnificent piece of work.

It’s unbelievable what those guys did with the place in such a short amount of time, not to mention the price. Give them a call if you’re looking for thorough professionals that aren’t afraid of any job.
Wood Webb, from London, E15 | Written on 2014-11-16
New Build & Construction Ltd is a company I hired to finish my new apartment off, it was pretty darn empty, as a matter of fact it was just a few walls and that was it. A guy came over, took some measurements, shows us their previous work and we were ready to decide. We hired those people, and we haven’t regretted it for one moment.

The apartment is perfect, just as we imagined it would be. I have to say that compared to other building companies out there, the price was VERY attractive, especially for that kind of an amazing service.
Martin Gray, from London, SW1X | Written on 2014-11-16
My grandmother died a few years ago, and so it happens I inherited a derelict house after her. The building was literally falling apart, and I mean literally, the second floor collapsed creating a huge hole in first floors ceiling. It was a complete disaster, a total ruin and I’ve almost given up on it, when a friend of mine recommended the New Build & Construction Ltd firm to me.

Those guys are unbelievable, not only they made the initial estimation for free, but they stuck up to those costs and finished up long before deadline! I’m genuinely impressed by the outcome.
John Kartnis, from London, NW2 | Written on 2014-11-13
I’ve been investing in real estate for quite a few years now, I’ve always had trouble with finding a team that could remodel building as derelict as the ones that I held high hopes for. That was before I met the New Build & Construction Ltd guys, they can turn any ruin that’s literally falling apart, into an amazing, luxurious apartment that no celebrity would refuse to live in.

If you’re looking for a professional remodeling team, for a good price, these guys are perfect for the job, they won’t disappoint you.
Patrick, from London, W12 | Written on 2014-11-13