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Sometimes you may feel that your windows and doors are looking old, they are not as nice as they should be or maybe they do not have a good security level. The solution to these thoughts is to replace the windows and the doors. Stylish-looking and professionally installed windows and doors add value, personality, and luxury to your property. We at New Build & Construction, deliver a comprehensive range of doors and windows that can be tailored according to an individual’s requirements. Our windows and doors installations are affordable, professional and done with quality workmanship. Quality and service are the heart of New Build & Construction. 

Modern innovations have helped to increase the safety, style, and long-lastingness of the windows. We create our windows and doors by using modern as well as traditional techniques. We supply and install all types of windows and doors. Whether you want wooden, aluminium or UPVC windows and doors, we provide it all.

We supply and install all types of windows and doors.

Whatever your requirements,
we deliver and fit UPVC,
wooden or aluminium,
finished to your liking.
Windows and Doors Services in London
We had all the old timber windows replaced as they were beyond repair. The team worked swiftly and efficiently from early mornings to late nights ensuring the place was left spotless upon leaving. The windows are of great quality and the finish is exactly as requested. Fantastic job, thanks.

We offer bespoke finish and glazing.

We are a well-known windows and doors company for producing high-quality and durable products. We have an extensive variety of designs, paints, polishes, and finishes for you to choose from for your windows and doors. We have a history of providing excellent services in terms of security and designs and also in replacing the old traditional windows and doors to modern, classy, and edgy windows and doors.

We have crittall windows, sash windows, double or single-pane windows, single or double glass doors, crittall doors, and much more. Whatever design you choose, we promise to provide windows and doors with a professional finish and great aesthetics. Even if you are having difficulty in choosing what is best for you, no worries! Our experts are always willing to provide advice and guidance to you to make good decisions regarding the replacement or repair of windows and doors along the way. 

We aim to provide windows and doors with high-security systems, great aesthetics, maximum durability, and energy efficiency. We have a highly qualified and experienced team of craftsmen and technical specialists to help you out with whatever type of windows or doors you want. They ensure that the designed windows and doors are exactly as you visualize them to be. Request an instant quote and let us do the rest!
We offer free quotes on supply and installation
of any type of windows and doors.
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