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Tiling is done throughout the house, the bathrooms, rooms, living area, offices or any other place. Tiling is used to create quality floors as well as quality walls. You can tile your counters and countertops as well. Tiling has numerous benefits, mainly being that you can easily clean tiled surfaces. Moreover, they are durable than carpet and add a lot of style to your home. At New Build & Construction, we have a team of expert tillers who can help you with all your tiling needs in North London. 

We provide a comprehensive range of tiling services for our commercial and residential customers. Our team tries to create a friendly environment for you to work with us. We seek to offer quality service and craftsmanship to our valuable customers. This is why we are always chosen by our clients for services in the future. We aim to convert your vision into reality.

Quality wall and floor tiling in London.

We provide a comprehensive
range of tiling services for
residential and commercial
Tiling  Services in London
We recently had Tom and his team renovate our old bathroom and they did a splendid job with the new stone tiles we specifically ordered from Spain. I couldn't recommend them enough.

Experienced in laying all types of tiles.

We have an extensive range of tiles that come in an array of colors and styles and can be installed in different patterns as liked by the client. For tiling, you do not need to expand your space, you can just add tiles to your already existing floors and walls. Tiling adds value, charisma, and luxury to your homes as well as workplaces.

We aim to create a unique and trendy look for your home and we ensure that it has a professional final look. You can choose a tile design according to your wish and the one that matches your overall property look. If you are having difficulty in choosing a tile design, we are there to help you out. Our experts are ready to provide you with designs that are suitable for you. We being professionals, ensure that our job is done within the time frame provided and that our clients are 100% satisfied with our services. 

Do you have any queries? Contact us at your earliest convenience and we will be highly obliged to work on your project. We encourage your suggestions and recommendations for the final look, as this will help us know what you want for your house. You think – we create! 
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